My name is Erlena, and this is the story of why I started FLooF.

Several years ago, I lost Midnight to renal failure. This slow and painful journey lasted a year, and every day I watched him suffer through pain and subcutaneous drips. I began researching on how I could help him, and everything pointed to diet.

I began to realise more than ever how important diet actually was, and how it could have caused his fateful illness. Finding out what went into the supposedly nutritious commercial pet food diet I had been feeding him frightened me, because I thought I was being a responsible pet owner.

Our pets deserve better, and owners deserve to know exactly what goes into the food they feed their pets. This belief is what has kept Floof going.

Since then, we’ve watched our customers’ pets grow healthier and happier. From blood work to lab reports and even visible physical changes, the evidence of how a good diet can change lives is clear.

I’m thankful for the chance to play a part in giving people more time with the animals they love.