The FLooF Process

We take our food
very seriously.

From methods to equipment, science to technology, we choose each step with your pet’s best interest in mind.

1. Carefully Selected Ingredients

Choosing the best ingredients remains our highest priority, because they form the base of every healthy meal.
But how do we select the best from everything that’s out there?

Sourced Globally

We source ingredients from around the globe - From Australia to Belgium, and to the USA

Colourful Ingredients

Colourful fruit and vegetables contain more phytonutrients, From purple sweet potatoes to red capsicums, orange pumpkins, green zucchini and more, we make sure to add colour to every meal

Freshest Ingredients

We never hold on to old stock. Meal preparation only starts when the ingredients arrive at our doorstep

2. Vacuum Sealed

  • Greatly extends the shelf life of your food by 3 to 5 times

  • Seals in moisture, juices and flavours, resulting in better tasting food

  • No more dehydration and freezer burn

Happy dog

3. The Benefits of Sous Vide

We chose sous vide is as our cooking method of choice because this technique uses precise temperature control to produce consistent results that are impossible to achieve through other cooking methods.

Retains Nutrients

While other methods of cooking destabilise nutrients, your food is sealed into a package and everything is locked in

Locked in Goodness

Seals in moisture, juices and flavours, resulting in better tasting food


Won’t be overcooked, because precision cooking bring food to an exact temperature and holds it

4. What is Pasteurisation

Pasteurisation is a widely used process for food preservation and safety that destroys organisms contributing to food spoilage, without affecting the taste or nutitional value.

  • Safety

    Prolongs shelf life so food makes it to you safely

  • Prevention

    Kills organisms that cause harmful diseases

  • Sanitization

    Quick and safe sanitisation that is faster than most methods, and doesn't involve chemical treatments or radiation

5. Blast Chilled

We use a blast chiller because of its ability to chill or freeze food much faster than ordinary freezers, which allows essential nutrients and vitamins to be locked in while inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Improved Quality

Rapidly cooling food captures the original organoleptic properties of food, making it taste like it was freshly cooked once regenerated for consumption

Bacteria Growth

Lowers the temperature of pre-cooked food rapidly before dangerous bacteria can form

More Efficient

Speed, because of the minimal cooling time, we can get the food to you even quicker and more efficiently

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